Webel Labs was born to address the fast growing needs for technical skills and address comprehensive customised and generic solutions. Adopting business ethics on high standards and progressive management skills, Webel Labs deploys manpower with latest technology to know how with options open for growth to any new technological advancement as a challenge to overcome and deliver solutions through sheer dedication and hard works.

Established in 2012,Webel Labs has grown from a small company with 5 people into a enterprise with more than 30 employees, It’s about understanding how to integrate people, process and technology to deliver the results that provide true value to our client’s business in a very economical way.

Our motto is to focus and have a remarkable success ratio by building a distinct reputation of excellent delivery, time and after sales services.

Our mission is to deliver the “EXCELLENCE” to customers by providing the high standards in quality products and services that not only ensures customer’s satisfaction by understanding and fulfilling their requirements , but also adequately utilizing the resources to the optimum, there by ensuring feasibility both in terms of Technology and Cost.

Webel Labs is into core business of Advance Automation, Infra-Structure Projects and Electronic Security. We provide Turnkey and Customized solutions as projects and vouch the deliverables in terms of delivery time with quality assurance of Manpower, as a team of specialists from design to Execution of the Project and Materials to ensure proper and the fast Service.

Webel Labs, It’s about understanding how to integrate people, processes and technology to deliver the results that provide true value to our client’s business.

We give detailed advice on CCTV cameras, access control, safety, entrance capacity and energy saving, often backed up with advanced calculations. We bring together the worldwide knowledge and commitment of our highly skilled, well-educated engineering staff and the resources necessary to deliver projects in time and on budget.

At Webel Labs, we are continuously working on the best possible solution. Our vision on innovation is that this must be a continuous process. Therefore we are constantly improving our products, services and processes.